The current research status of abroad of clothing textile trade


  According to the BBC, the European commission confirmed on October 9, the European Union has made new textile trade agreement with China, the new agreement will replace the current textile quota system.

  The European commission pointed out that the china-eu textile trade will double supervision system. According to the New Deal, the eu will not textile one entrance cap for China, but will supervise the real entrance quantity.

  New agreement comes into effect on January 1, 2008, valid for one year, the agreement covers a T-shirt, sweater, bra, men's trousers and blouse and other eight kinds of products.

  Experts point out that this approach can make the eu will know whether there is plenty of cheap textiles in entering the European market, help to avoid china-eu textile trade quota cancel the surge of problems.

  Also have analysis indicates that, the new dual supervision system will help to eliminate some Chinese enterprises through a third to the practice of export products to Europe, think this is the two sides on the textile trade to take the most practical.